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Fundraising Is Storytelling.

We're Expert Storytellers.

Raising money through equity crowdfunding requires a video with a story that hooks potential investors from the first word and frame. Follow that up with an emotionally and logically compelling story about why your startup is going to make it big and you’ve got a new investor.

We Create Investor Content For The World's Most Exciting Companies:

📈  IPO Roadshow Videos
👩‍💼  Investor Updates
🚀  Campaign Launch Videos
📱  Social Ads
📺  Broadcast Commercials

"We were blown away by the quality of the videos."

Phillip Schwarz | PVPallet
PV Pallet

the video team

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Hear it from Wefunder:

"Rally On has both sides - the artistic side and the analytical side. The videos they turn out are amazing and authentic."

Jonny price, vp of fundraising

Hear it from StartEngine:

"Look at the most funded companies in StartEngine's history, and in all likelihood Rally On was involved."

Anders Hill, Senior Account Executive

Start Engine
Hear it from Dealmaker:

"Rally On videos have improved clickthrough rates, engagement rates, time on site, and even conversion through the funnel to make investments."

jon stidd, president of dealmaker reach

The Video Team

The Platforms Choose First

No Experience Required.
Our Proven StoryDev Process Takes You From $0 to

Whether you’re a veteran of video marketing, or have never made a video before, the StoryDev process takes you through every step of creating an engaging, powerful fundraising video for your Reg CF or Reg A+ fundraise.

Throughout our StoryDev process, we:

Uncover your story through our StoryFinding Workshop
Distill the essence of your story during scriptwriting74
Capture the story on camera during our production day
Build the story through our world class edit
🤩   Share it with the world through your crowdfunding campaign
planning a shoot for sugarfina

"This was my first time ever being on film and they made me feel like a superstar."

Michael Williston | Satellite Displays

Trusted by Companies Large and Small 💸

Equity Crowdfunding

TriAgenics Reg CF Campaign

We helped TriAgenics on its mission to eliminate wisdom teeth by telling their story to retail investors through video.
Equity Crowdfunding
Food + Bev

Artly Coffee Reg CF

We helped Artly Coffee serve up their pipin’ hot investment opportunity in their first ever crowdfunding raise.
Equity Crowdfunding

Monogram Orthopedics Pre-IPO Reg A+

Monogram Orthopedics is a trailblazer in the massive robotic orthopedic surgery industry - and we helped prepare them to go public.
Equity Crowdfunding
OTT / CTV / Broadcast
Social Ads

WiGL Reg A+

WiGL is the first-ever company to max out its $5M Reg CF raise on StartEngine - and we helped them go even bigger for their next one.
Equity Crowdfunding
OTT / CTV / Broadcast

Knightscope Pre-IPO Reg A+

Knightscope is one of the greatest equity crowdfunding success stories of all time - and we helped make it happen.
Equity Crowdfunding

Flower Turbines Reg A+

Flower Turbines is bringing wind power to the world - and we've helped them raise $9M+ across two crowdfunding raises to do so.
Equity Crowdfunding
OTT / CTV / Broadcast

Cadi Reg CF

We helped Cadi produce and launch broadcast TV commercials to revolutionize the golf equipment industry and raise $2M+.

"One of the smoothest video production processes I've ever experienced."

Brisa Freitas, Waverly Labs

Ready to Raise Millions with Your Crowdfunding Video?

Want something totally different from the crowd?

Explore Brandraising™️:
Branding + Fundraising

When you want to go big, and create investor content & evergreen marketing assets, you want to do Brandraising.

We’ll create over 20 fundraising + marketing deliverables, to drive investors and customers running through your doors.


WiGL CEO -"No one wants to see my face explain a complex technology. Let's make this fun."

Other Video Teams Only Know The Video Part

They’re focused on making the video as pretty as possible, because that’s all they know how to do. They don’t get scripting, or investors, or the platforms, or the intricacies of crowdfunding compliance.

Work With A Team Of Equity Crowdfunding Pros

Our founders' backgrounds are in both business (Deloitte Consulting) and Video Production (5+ years of Rally On Media) giving us unique understanding of how to blend strategy + art into a successful campaign.

We know ...

Green Check
What investors are looking for when deciding to invest
Green Check
How to create a script with the just right mix of detail vs length
Green Check
How to work well with the internal teams at the major crowdfunding platforms
Green Check
The ins and outs of crowdfunding + SEC compliance
Green Check
How to find a great filmmaker, no matter where you want to film, without expensive travel costs
Green Check
How to move fast (your campaign can be done in as little as 3 weeks)
filming guy eating chicken wings

What Our Reg A+ and Reg CF Clients Have To Say 🎉

We know you need to move fast, and we’re ready to move fast with you, ensuring quality and professionalism every step of the way. We also love what we do and working with our clients, and hope to make you love working with us as well.

"From start to finish, Rally On Media has gone above and beyond! ... Can't sing their praises enough (coming from a former producer in NYC Fashion)."

Dayne DuVall, Hitcheck

“We were in over our heads and so worried that we would not know how to create a compelling and professional video and ads. The Rally On  team was so decisive, professional and creative that they helped us create the exact video we imagined and even better. We expect huge success in our campaign.”

Arek Reeder, Karma Baker
Karma Baker

"At every turn of the work, the Rally On Media has been the best group of professionals I could have hope for - attentive to my requests and goals, fast to make changes needed, spot on in the results attained."

Patrick Sebile, A Band Of Anglers
Band of Anglers

Raise Millions with the Equity Crowdfunding Pros

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