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Tyler Gottstein

Founder & CEO

The Challenge

Cadi is revolutionizing the golf industry with try-before-you-buy kiosks for golf clubs and accessories, tapping into the highly lucrative ($126B) sports equipment market. 

Before working with Rally On, Cadi had raised almost $500k through a fundraising round on StartEngine. 

Now, they were thinking bigger, and looking for the capital to build their autonomous retail network across far more US golf courses. 

To do so, they launched an even bigger, self-hosted raise via DealMaker. 

They also signed PGA Tour Pro Paul Casey as a key endorsement. 

Now the question was, how to bring new investors to the raise and excite the existing ones?

That’s where Rally On Media came in. 

What We Did

From the start of this campaign, it was clear the Cadi team wanted word of this raise to go beyond the internet: this campaign would be broadcast-TV sized. 

With TV ads (and all video ads), clarity is key. We worked with CEO & Co-Founder Tyler Gottstein to distill this incredible investment opportunity into a succinct :30 second message prospective investors could understand quickly. 

And then we cut that in half to :15 seconds. 

Ultimately, we scripted and produced 4 distinct TV + social media spots for Cadi. 

We sent a full production crew, led by Director Naaji, to Scottsdale, AZ to shoot these commercials right on the golf course with pro golfer and chief endorser Paul Casey. 

They say Scottsdale has phenomenal golf weather - but on shoot day, it somehow rained, hailed, and snowed on our underdressed crew. 

However, this was no match for our mighty Rally On VFX team. Through the magic of post-production, we were able to ‘paint’ the sky from hail gray to blue in the final edits (and remove the sound of our Director’s shivering teeth). 


We created 4 unique TV + social media spots: 2 for the crowdfunding campaign, 2 for the brand more generally. 

The ads ran across X, Y, Z networks and social media, and resulted in $2M+ raised from X investors!

Cadi continues its mission to revolutionize golf by expanding its footprint to more golf courses around the US.

We interviewed Cadi CEO Tyler Gottstein for his best tips on how to have a successful crowdfunding raise - check it out here!

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