The Rally On team is responsive, professional, timely... Knightscope raised over $120 million from over 35,000 investors ahead of its public listing on NASDAQ and enjoyed working with the Rally On team across two campaigns ... most importantly under deadline.

William Santana Li

CEO & Founder

The Challenge

Knightscope has a grand vision: to make America the safest country in the world. 

They do so with their groundbreaking autonomous security robots, that combine state of the art self-driving technology with advanced artificial intelligence and robotics. 

When we began work with Knightscope, their technology was already operating 24/7 across the US, and the company had previously raised $43M+ through other crowdfunding rounds. 

We were tasked with helping Knightscope market its latest two rounds, which would help them greatly expand their footprint and prep them for its grand public listing on NASDAQ.

We needed to build off their previous crowdfunding success, but go even BIGGER.

What We Did

First, we conducted our StoryFinding workshop with CEO + Founder William Santana Li, to crystallize Knightscope’s mission, progress, and narrative and why it should matter to new and existing investors. 

Even though many founders have thought this through a million times, they find our StoryFinding sessions help illuminate fresh angless, align their team and ours on the brand's strengths and messaging, and get us hearing their natural voice as they speak about their pride for their company.

Next, we took our findings and wrote video scripts. Each round had different objectives:

Our first campaign with Knightscope was designed to focus on the company’s continued progress from previous rounds.

Our second campaign was designed to lean into Knightscope’s mission and show how unstoppable it had become. “Go long on Knightscope, go short on crime.”

For our second campaign together, Knightscope wanted to go big: TV big. 

This meant leveling up production across the board to show that Knightscope was no joke. 

We sent an on-site Director and full production crew to Knightscope’s HQ in San Francisco, designing a future-forward red and blue room that looks like Tony Stark’s factory floor, with Knightscope’s autonomous robots gliding around. 


Ultimately, we created 2 :30 TV spots designed for Hulu, 7 unique social media video ads, and 2 full campaign videos. 

The two raises resulted in $40M+ additional funding and prepared Knightscope for its public listing.

In January 2022, Knightscope became the first ever crowdfunded company to go public. With Rally On’s campaign videos, it sold its pre-IPO shares to retail investors instead of institutional investors, and became a darling of the equity crowdfunding industry.

Knightscope went public in early 2022 and achieved unicorn status only a day after its launch on NASDAQ (KSCP). 

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