"The campaign video and social ads Rally On created for us are fantastic. We've raised $7.6M and counting, and these creative assets played an important role. Rally On was great to work with, and we definitely plan to continue working with them in future crowdfunding campaigns and company projects."

Dr. Ahmad Glover

CEO & Founder

The Challenge

WiGL was already a crowdfunding darling when they approached Rally On Media - the company’s first raise was the first ever Reg CF to max out its $5M raise on StartEngine. 

And there’s a good reason why - their game-changing, patented wireless charging technology may just well revolutionize how the world charges its electronics forevermore. 

It’s a complicated technical engineering feat that’s easy to nerd out on. 

But CEO & Founder Dr. Ahmad Glover, who some call the “King of Online Capital Raising,” wanted to do something a bit more entertaining than a technical walkthrough. He believed, wisely, that an entertaining pitch would be a better sell than a highly technical pitch. 

He challenged Rally On to help him create it.

What We Did

Together with Dr. Glover, we landed on the creative concept of imagining a future where WiGL had succeeded. In this future, teenagers are in shock when they learn that electronic devices used to be charged by plugging them into walls for hours on end. 

Unlike most crowdfunding campaign videos, the CEO wanted no part of this video - he wanted these teenagers to tell WiGL’s story. 

Rally On wrote the script, casted a handful of teenage actors, rented out an ice cream shop for the day, and sent a production team to LA for shoot day. 


Ultimately, we produced the full campaign video, 3 unique social media ads, a 4 broadcast TV / CTV ads (2 :30s spots, 2 :15s spots). 

With our help, WiGL beat its famously successful initial Reg CF round with its second round that has currently raised $7.6M+ (remains active as of February 2024). 

“Rally On made our video and took us from good to GREAT.” - Dr. Ahmad Glover, Founder & CEO of WiGL.

Check out our interview with the “King of Online Capital Raising” - Dr. Ahmad Glover of WiGL, where we asked for his best tips on how to run a successful raise. 

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