The Challenge

Monogram Orthopedics was no stranger to crowdfunding. In fact, before working with us, Monogram already held the record for third-highest raise of all time on StartEngine, building a community of 14,000+ investors who had invested $23.7M+ into the company. 

Now, in preparation for its public listing on NASDAQ, Monogram was launching a self-hosted pre-public raise in parallel with DealMaker (self-hosted) and Republic.

They came to Rally On Media with the goal of getting new and existing investors excited one more time about investing in Monogram before its public offering. 

This was a big moment for the company and for retail investors, and we were tasked with helping get the word out. 

What We Did

We worked directly with CEO Ben Sexson to workshop and write the script, distilling the story of their revolutionary technology and their record-breaking crowdfunding journey into a crystal clear narrative. 

We leaned into their success with 14,000+ previous investors as a major source of social validation. We leaned into Monogram’s pioneering medical breakthroughs (i.e. a robotic knee surgery conducted remotely from 1,700 miles away) to demonstrate its legitimacy. 

Then, we sent a production crew to Austin, TX to shoot a live surgery (Rally On’s first ever shoot with a cadaver). We sent another unit to Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC to interview Monogram’s founders. In total, this was a 3 day shoot. 

Finally, we edited and delivered the video for launch. 


We delivered a campaign video and arsenal of social media ads - 20+ assets in total. 

The raise generated $17M in additional investor funds that helped Monogram prepare for its public listing on NASDAQ (MGRM). 

In a statement, Rebecca Kacaba, DealMaker co-founder and CEO, said that many institutional investors are reluctant to enter into the equity crowdfunding space, assuming there is no path to liquidity. “We’ve seen issuers adopt another path to raising capital: Reg CF to Reg A, then Reg A to public listing. It’s a great supplement to the traditional capital markets process.”

Monogram Orthopedics became the latest success story highlighting the immense power of the crowd. Through the backing of 22,000+ retail investors, Monogram powered its capital growth journey from seed stage to public listing, becoming only the second company to do so.

Wanna know the first? That would be another Rally On Media client, Knightscope. Read their story here

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