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Modern marketing is a world of agency musical chairs.

You hire one agency, then you hire the next, then you hire the next. It sucks. Nobody likes it. How is anyone supposed to get anything done around here?

So we do our best not to work like that. Our goal is to be your team’s video team.

We build deep relationships and want to know you and your brand as well as you do, so we can solve your problems before you realize they’re problems.

We’re built a little different 😏

The founders of Rally On Media, Alex & Brian, started their careers on Wall Street as management consultants for Deloitte Consulting, learning how to learn really fast, navigating the ins and outs of client service, and developing an intuitive sense of how the corporate world works.

Then they quit.

They spent two years on the road living out of their car, filming a travel reality show for Lonely Planet (we call it the best original content on Dropbox). They first completed the Mongol Rally, a 10,000 mile drive from London to Mongolia, and then the Rally To The End Of The World, a 25,000 mile drive from NYC to Tierra Del Fuego.

Filming cooking show on setFilming cooking show on set Nowhere Men filming on setNowhere MenFilming cooking show on set

That sense of adventure, curiosity, and excitement lives on today as Rally On Media.

They returned from these trips broke, but with a passion for storytelling. That passion manifested in a weekly documentary series on social media that amassed over 250,000 fans. In the court of public opinion, they developed an ability to quickly and effectively tell engaging stories.

Rally On Media is the sum of these experiences - a spirit of adventure, insatiable curiosity, a love for storytelling, and a knack for business.

Today, Rally On Media is filled with a diverse set of filmmakers, directors, producers, strategists, writers, editors, designers who bring their full creative and analytical energy to drive results for our clients. We love the artistry of filmmaking, but we’re not artistic divas. We love driving business impact but don't get bogged down in process or "how things are supposed to be done." Simply put we make it happen, and have fun in the process.

👋 Meet The Ralleons 👾


Co-Founder & CEO

Alex is a co-founder of Rally On Media, strategy guy and incurable multitasker. He often shows up to parties with a fresh mozzarella.


Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Brian is a co-founder of Rally On Media and the heart of our operations. Ask him about Survivor. Actually, don't…. Or do.


Director of Operations & Production, Crowdfunding

Alex brings much needed West Coast Vibes to a team over-indexed on neurotic New Yorkers. He’s a seasoned production and ops pro who keeps this rocket ship moving and grooving.



Naaji is a Producer who enjoys food tours and likes to spend time outdoors. She's also an actor and director who you just might see on your screen sometimes.



Sophia Conger is a NYC-based director and producer. Her favorite part of the industry is working with people. When she's not at Rally On, she's making indie movies!


Ops Coordinator

Miyoshi is so busy running ops at Rally On that she barely has time to write a website bio.



Jonathan edits Rally On videos from the heart of magical Bogotá, Colombia. Ask him about his latest hobby (which changes every 2 months), or the last great book he read. When he's not editing, he's also an accomplished director. He loves making magic for your screens.



Meet Andrei, our Romanian editing dynamo! With lightning-fast skills and his loyal lap-hopping pup Ellie, he's the magician behind the screen. Constantly caffeinated and computer-bound, Andrei's editing finesse leaves us all in awe. Whether he's crafting cinematic wonders or dodging adorable interruptions, his talent shines bright. Just don't ask him to give up his coffee—some things are sacred!



Maqui is a producer at Rally On Media. Her first crowdfunding video ever was actually for her college short film, she exceeded her campaign goal and that film went on to win numerous awards.



Bryan's Delectable, No-Bake Equity Cheesecake

Serving Size: 1 cup wordsmithery (54g)

Ingredients: Screenwriting, Viral Marketing, Empathy

100% Daily Value: Imagination, Simplicity, Storytelling

Satisfies: Founders, Investors, 1 Rambunctious Toddler, 1 Supportive Wife

May Contain: Compelling Messages, Pine Nuts





From impactful marketing campaigns, to award-winning films, and viral content, Manoa blends his unique vision and passionate curiosity to produce engaging stories. You can usually find him in LA or NYC, with a camera in one hand and a coffee in the other.



Andrew is a skilled production guru and avid storyteller. When he's not producing content, you can find him on a yoga mat, hiking a trail, or immersing himself in the vibrant world of EDM festivals across the globe.

What Our Clients Have To Say 🎉

"Rally On Media helped us increase DTC sales by 730%. We've used them 3x now and we'll definitely be using them again."

Bill Glaser | CEO of Outstanding Foods

“Their work is a unique mix of art and strategy. They have the ability to take insight and turn it into great content that drives growth for us… They do a great job and have a really great vision.“

Mandy Cudahy |  Director of Content
Mandy Cudahy, Director of Content at Grubhub

“They produced the highest converting ad we’ve ever run. We’re now growing our business faster than ever before. They are professional, fun to work with, and great at what they do. I couldn’t recommend them more.”

Andrew Levy | CMO of Kettlespace
Kettle Space

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