I was stunned. These videos have been very powerful assets for us.

Leigh Colby

President & CEO

The Challenge

TriAgenics has developed a groundbreaking non-invasive dental procedure designed to prevent widsom teeth from ever forming - a technology that can change the lives of 5 million+ Americans per year who suffer physically and financially from wisdom teeth impaction and removal.

But they needed a large amount of capital to proceed with FDA 501(k) clearance and human clinical trials. They chose to launch a Reg CF equity crowdfunding campaign via StartEngine.

The team at StartEngine referred TriAgenics to Rally On Media to help tell their story to retail investors with effective video storytelling.

"Running a campaign is quite a project to coordinate, and we knew video would be a powerful medium for us," says Paul Wurster of the TriAgenics marketing team. "We know marketing, but not video. We leaned on Rally On Media for making the video happen."

"We wanted to work with a team that knows how to tell a good story, while understanding all the compliance rules of equity crowdfunding campaigns," says Leigh Colby, President & CEO.

What We Did

We kicked off the campaign with our StoryFinding workshop, where our team dug into the TriAgenics story and investment opportunity.

"We worked together on a script online where we could all tweak it, but leaned on Rally On's recommendations for how to put together an effective pitch," says Paul.

It was clear we wanted to hear from multiple voices in the campaign video - not just from Leigh, the CEO, but also from some opinion-leading dentists who could help validate TriAgenics' technology.

Therefore, we set up 3 shoot days in multiple places around the country, to hear from multiple voices.

We also determined it would be helpful to bring in actors at a fake dentist's office to enact how the technology will work, and underwent a local casting and location scouting process.

"I had never done this before. I was scared sh*tless (and you can quote me on that in your case study). You guys made me look better than I really am," says Leigh.

"Production day was very well organized. Rally On brought in a great 3-person crew from Seattle for the shoot. We were provided a call sheet so everyone knew where to be and when. We had local actors come in, and Rally On had all the complicated logistics figured out. They rented a location that actually looked like a dentist's office. It was all pretty smooth for our first swing at this," says Paul.


Ultimately, we produced TriAgenics' StartEngine campaign video, 3 short social ads, and 3 standalone 'explainer' videos that dive deeper into topics that answer common investor questions: The Science, The Patient Experience, and The Patents. "We came away with a lot more material than I was expecting to receive, and we've gotten great traction from it," says Paul from the TriAgenics team.

"I was stunned," says Leigh, upon first seeing the final product. "The music, the graphics, the edit - it just looks so polished. My son-in-law thinks I'm a rockstar."

The TriAgenics team has used the videos on their campaign page, as paid social media ads, as LinkedIn and website content, and beyond. "These videos have been very powerful assets for us," says Leigh. "We've seen people would rather watch a video than read things."

"It takes a lot of the pressure off Leigh since that 3-min video can be shared over and over with investors to tell our story and make our pitch," says Paul.

The funding from TriAgenics' raise has helped the company complete development of their technology, and they're now moving into the FDA approval process and beyond. Looking ahead at future raises and marketing their technology, the TriAgenics team knew one thing was clear:

"We've already recommended Rally On to several others, and we'll be back," said Leigh.

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