We changed our entire marketing strategy after doing this campaign. We were testing some things here and there, but seeing the impact that OTT had on our Amazon and retail sales has completely changed how we're going to be doing our marketing here on out.

Faryn Duncan

Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Chewsy Chews are individually wrapped vitamin gummies that taste like candy.

Although they had quickly become a fan favorite on Amazon and at 5k+ retail stores including Whole Foods, Target, and more, they wanted to grow the brand in a bigger way with their first ever OTT campaign.

"We hadn't done OTT before. We wanted new eyes and a new way of getting the brand out to people," says Faryn Duncan, Marketing Manager at Chewsy. "This was our first real step into cementing what our brand voice is, in a more permanent, lasting way than IG."

They came to Rally On to help create what Chewsy's first big statement to the world would look like.

What We Did

"From day one, call one, I felt Rally On was locked in to what it we needed and what we wanted to create," says Faryn.

First, the Rally On team visited our local Whole Foods and instantly got addicted to Chewsy's vitamin chews. We wanted to understand the product and its unique benefits.

Then, we created and pitched 5 concepts that would highlight Chewsy's unique value props and be viable to produce within budget.

"You were telling a story through everything you were doing — not just putting our product on screen," says Faryn.

Ultimately, the Chewsy team decided on two creative concepts — one talent-driven ad, one product-driven ad — both comparing Chewsy to traditional vitamin gummies. A couple weeks prior to the shoot, we also learned that Chewsy Founder Sean Ross was open to being on camera, and we created an ad concept for him as well.

Through scripting and storyboarding, we aligned on all elements of the creative. We cast our lead talent, Kira, who fit squarely within our 'young mom' key demo. And we sourced a kitchen studio in NYC that could accommodate our shoot.

Then, it was shoot day.

We had a blast — but don't take our word for it, check out this BTS video the Chewsy team made.

After a great shoot, we got right into the edit, which included custom animation and VFX product shots. We delivered within a tight post-production timeline to hit the campaign's planned launch date.


Ultimately, we delivered three sets of ads in :30s and:15s runtimes, which would allow the Chewsy team to A/B test the campaign.

We also created a custom logo animation to start each ad, an asset which Chewsy can use across its evergreen brand marketing. The animation is designed to convey the chewiness and colorful burst of biting into a Chewsy chew.

We created a custom animation to begin each ad.

"Rally On provided so much more than we were expecting — things that no other vendor had even thought of," says Faryn.

Chewsy ran its OTT campaign through Xandr, Microsoft's ad platform. To start, they chose to run the campaign in the Austin and Dallas markets, due to those areas having the greatest amount of retailers that Chewsy is in.

"When we launched the campaign, our sales increased almost instantly and we had our best month to date," says Faryn.

During the campaign flight, Amazon sales increased +16% in the campaign markets. Amazon organic search traffic increased +64%, and overall website traffic increased +13%.

"Our organic search numbers on Amazon almost doubled. We also saw a huge sales increase at Whole Foods and Target in these markets, which means the ads resonated. These ads didn't just create online impulse buys - people thought to buy Chewsy next time they were in the store."

One key takeaway was that the ad format featuring founder Sean Ross was the clear winner. "The authenticity of the brand speaking directly to the audience worked - even with a primarily female demo. We created our brand voice through this commercial, so that was a huge win."

Seeing the impact of this campaign has shifted Chewsy's marketing strategy entirely. The experiment worked. And it won't be the last time Chewsy and Rally On make a statement to the world.

"Of course Rally On makes great work and everything, but there's a lot of people that can put together a commercial. With Rally On, it was really the fact that they were an extension of our team the whole time, even after the campaign was complete."

Until next time, don't forget to chew your vitamins!

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