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Outstanding Foods is a plant-based snack brand making junk food good for you, without sacrificing taste. Most brands say that, Outstanding Foods means it. That’s because their co-founder is the former Head of Product at Beyond Burger, and largely responsible for the invention of that game changing food innovation.

To help launch a rebrand of their flagship products, Outstanding Crunchies and Outstanding Puffs, Outstanding Foods came to rally on. They wanted humorous spots that convey the key benefits of the products - they’re delicious, they’re good for you, and they’re guilt free.

Our approach to the first spot was to go inside the mind of a shopper looking for snacks and fighting herself with each healthy snack she puts in her shopping cart. For the second spot, we brought to life our will power in a character Will Power, who helps us make good decisions, but often gets depleted by the time we’re ready for an afternoon snack. No more.

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Food + Bev
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Food + Bev

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