Startup Fundraising Story Producer

We need an incredible, part-time fundraising storyteller and strategist with video production experience to help create pitch videos that get our clients funded (100% remote!)

Obsessed with startup investing? Do you spend more time watching startup pitches than TikTok? Do you have experience helping startups tell their story? 

If so, we need your help telling stories to raise capital for some of the most exciting companies in the world.

We are a marketing agency based in Brooklyn specialized in helping startups raise capital through equity crowdfunding (check out + for more info). So far, we’ve helped raise over $200M. 

We need an incredible, part-time fundraising storyteller and strategist with video production experience to help create pitch videos that get our clients funded (100% remote!)

About Us

We cut our teeth in the production world by producing a travel TV show for Lonely Planet (we drove from London to Mongolia, and then from NYC to Patagonia). We came back to New York and started our Facebook page, Nowhere Men, producing over 100 short, viral documentaries about the most inspiring people in NYC. We’re inspired by the everyday people who make this city what it is - street vendors, shoe shiners, canners, chess players, buskers. Our documentaries have been viewed over 40 million times and we've built up an audience of 250,000 fans who've loved seeing inside the lives of New Yorkers. Visit to check out our work.

From there, we launched our marketing agency / production company, Rally On Media, applying these storytelling skills for brands. We regularly produce story-driven branded content, scripted commercials, product launch campaigns, celebrity videos, and more for our diverse set of clients. 

We are the #1 video production company in the world of equity crowdfunding, and have helped companies raise over $200M. 

About You

We’re looking for a startup storyteller to join our team in a client-facing role to help create pitch videos for our startup clients. 

You'll be taking the lead on multiple client projects on a monthly basis, leading the engagement from kickoff call through final delivery. The videos you produce will typically be 2-3 minute launch videos and 15-30 second social ads, with occasional broadcast commercials as well.

We're have repeatable systems and work flows to make sure this is a high-efficiency production machine that churns out high-quality, high-energy, transformative videos for our clients, video subjects, viewers, and of course ourselves. 

We are fun, friendly, creative, and passionate - but we’re also professionals.

You’re the one for this role if:

  • You’ve got experience in a client-facing role as a marketer at a fast-moving ad agency or production house, and you love that client facing role.
  • You feel extremely comfortable producing videos which includes: reviewing scripts, building shot lists, hiring crew, finding locations, scheduling productions, and giving feedback on edits, all while maintaining a budget and doing it on tight turnarounds.
  • You enjoy working with clients and know how to handle whatever surprises they throw at you
  • You’re extremely comfortable with ambiguity and can start taking action with limited instruction or oversight
  • You know the production pitfalls and blindspots before we even encounter them
  • You are confident and crystal-clear in your communications
  • You are detail-oriented even at top speeds
  • You are a leader and can get people to follow you
  • You are creative, and willing to think differently and take risks if it will get you a better results
  • You are excited to learn and evolve your skills - and ours
  • You have an ear for great stories

What You’ll Get From Us

  • Consistent, good-paying contract work that you can rely on month after month
  • A flexible work schedule that you can decide on your own
  • Organized, documented, and ongoing support so you can deliver your best work
  • Opportunities for bonuses and commissions on work you do
  • Opportunities to pitch and produce original content - documentaries and new series to our original content arm
  • Support for your personal development goals - stipends for courses you want to take, access to our library of filmmaking courses, and more


The hourly rate for this role ranges from $45-$60/hr, depending on experience. 

To Apply

If you are ready to join this rocket ship, please send the following to

  • Subject line: I’m [NAME] from [LOCATION] interested in [JOB TITLE]
  • Your resume
  • A cover letter that demonstrates how you’ve helped contribute to an agency’s growth
  • Links to 2-3 short video pieces you’re proud of, with a 1-2 sentence description of why you’re proud of them
  • End the email with a :)

You will only be considered for this role if the above are provided.

More About Us

Rally On Media is a Brooklyn-based production company producing branded content, narrative commercials and social ads for some of the biggest brands in the world, from Grubhub and Seamless to the United Nations. We also work with fast growing startups like Outstanding Foods (founded by the inventor of the Beyond Burger) and Next Vacay.

The best way to learn about us is to watch our reel, check out our website, and watch some of our documentaries on Facebook.

The co-founders of Rally On Media are former management consultants who quit our corporate lives to spend 2 years living out of a car traveling the world. On those travels, we were supported by the people we met along the way from Mongolian nomads to Nicaraguan fisherman. We fell in love with this world and the people in it, and committed our lives to sharing their stories.

Company Values

🎮 We Are ALU - Always Leveling Up.

Whether it’s in our creative, our processes, our communications, or how we work together, we are always leveling up our work.

We are never satisfied with what we did yesterday and we’re always asking, how can we level up?

We develop expertise.

We courageously step into new situations, even, and especially, when they are uncomfortable.

We seek out and graciously accept feedback.

We aren’t afraid of uncomfortable conversations. In fact, we lean into them, because we know that’s the quickest path to growth.

We are lifelong learners who are leveling up our own knowledge while teaching others on our team.


Expertise, growth, discomfort, learning, feedback

🍫Bring Surprise Chocolate -

At Rally On, we’re filmmakers and client service professionals. Our job is to deliver an amazing client experience. Client means “one who is under another’s care.” Delivering that experience means communicating clearly and thoughtfully, in an organized way. It means building project plans with deadlines and hitting those deadlines. It means building great relationships, understanding our client's needs, and meeting them.

Bring surprise chocolate is also code for delight.

We want our clients to not just like working with us but absolutely freaking love it. We go above and beyond for our clients to create an unforgettable experience. We create systems that make giving surprise chocolate innate to how we operate. But what’s important to know is that surprise chocolate isn’t just about the external world, it’s about how we show up internally as well. We bring surprise chocolate to our team. We delight each other whenever we can, in ways big and small.

Sometimes surprise chocolate is an idea.

And often, it’s actual chocolate.


Client experience, delight, service, care, intention, teamwork

🗝️Own It

At Rally On, you are trusted with autonomy by default, not the other way around. To deliver the best work possible, everyone who works at Rally On needs to feel ownership over not only their projects but the company.

On projects, whether you’re writing, directing, producing, or editing, the final product is yours.

Act like it.

Collaborate with your team members to produce the best project possible. Communicate your vision for the piece and get the other team members on board. Do things that seem out of scope if you know they’re the right thing to do. Always do the right thing.

If you don’t feel ownership over the project, step up so you do. You’re here because we believe you have that power.

At the company level, make this the place where you want to work. Improve systems that are broken, build systems where there are none. We have a saying at Rally On “fix the lightbulb” which means if something is broken, fix it, even if you weren’t the one who broke it in the first place.


Ownership, collaboration, clarity, empowering, fix it

💡 Be Creative Within Constraints

Our budgets may not be huge, but that doesn’t mean we can’t deliver something wildly creative while still achieving our clients goals.

Some of the best creative in the world was done on a shoestring.

Always look for the creative angle, always discover ways to inject more creativity into a piece. Just because there’s a way we do things doesn’t mean it’s the way.

We’re in film because we’re creative.

But it’s not just in the film that we’re creative. We’re creative in our internal systems, in our trainings, onboardings, and events.

We are creative in how we maximize the impact of the resources we have at our disposal.


Creativity, challenge, energy, intention, goals

🪂Rip It Up.

Rip it up.


Rip. It. Up