🤘 Badass Senior Paid Ads Buyer

About the Job

Wanna help us change the world?

Rally On Media is small but mighty creative video agency based in NYC that works with founders + CEOs who are pioneering a better future, through groundbreaking tech, robotics, medicine, and more - and we need your help getting their stories out.

That's why we're looking to add a badass Senior Paid Ads Buyer to our team in a fully remote role.

So... want to join us?

As our Senior Paid Ads Buyer, you'll be responsible for spearheading our efforts to provide paid digital advertising to our roster of clients in an impactful, repeatable, and efficient way. Your role will encompass creating, managing, and optimizing Meta & Google campaigns (and possibly other platforms), developing standard operating procedures, and implementing comprehensive reporting systems, often for multiple clients at a time.

You'll play a pivotal role in helping our clients get their stories out there, often for the very first time.

Our Senior Paid Ads Buyer will:

  • Create, set up, run, and optimize Meta Ads Manager + Google Ads for multiple clients at a time
  • Help us create + implement dashboards / standard reporting to convey results clearly to our clients
  • Implement FB Pixel and GA tags on client websites in order to optimize traffic + conversions
  • Help identify optimal target audiences for new clients and strategize how to reach them effectively
  • Help strategize ad spend, ad sets, and audiences for our clients
  • Monitor and optimize ROAS / ROI for each client via traffic and conversion campaigns
  • Be able to join client calls (not necessarily in lead role)

We're looking for someone that has:

  • A self-starter outlook, plenty of motivation, and a passion for helping businesses grow
  • Ability to present clearly and confidently to clients and our team
  • Excellent spoken and written English skills
  • Combined 3+ years of performance marketing/paid ads experience
  • A proven track record of directly and effectively managing a USD $100k+ performance marketing budget
  • Ability to successfully manage projects across 5+ clients at a time
  • Expertise in ad platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager + Google Ad Manager, with familiarity with LinkedIn ads, Bing ads, and email tools like Klaviyo
  • Proven ability to translate business objectives into paid ads strategies with defined KPIs
  • Friendly attitude with enthusiasm for helping our clients and team learn and grow

To apply, please:

  • Send an email to jobs AT rallyonmedia.com - note, this is the ONLY place candidates will be reviewed
  • Subject line: "Hi, I’m [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR LOCATION]. I’m interested in Rally On's Paid Ads position."
  • The first line of the email should say where you found the job post (i.e. Rally On website)
  • Include your resume and LinkedIn profile link within your email
  • Please provide links/screenshots to any ads you have run for former clients along with a description and some results of the campaign
  • Please describe any brag-worthy campaigns you have run
  • Can you tell us briefly (a few sentences) how you would strategize a paid ads campaign for a $1000 USD product that involves multiple touchpoints (i.e. prospecting, retargeting) before purchase, across multiple platforms?
  • Please describe any leadership roles you have held (or roles where you were the only paid ads specialist)?
  • Please end your email with a :)

About us

Rally On Media is a video production company + ad agency based in Brooklyn, NY that helps brands tell their stories to attract customers, partners, and investors. We specialize in equity crowdfunding campaign videos.

Our core purpose is to tell world-class creative, engaging stories for the world’s most exciting brands in a way that is fun, energizing, inviting, and fulfilling, creatively and financially, for everyone involved: the subject, the viewer, the client, and the Rally On team behind it.

We are fun, friendly, creative, and passionate - but we’re also professionals who work hard to deliver for our clients.

Salary Disclosure: We estimate the salary for this role between $1,500 - $5,000 per month for a full-time offer.