Crowdfunding Copywriter (Part-Time, Remote)

Seeking a remote, contract-based copywriter who loves startups and investing. 

Seeking a remote, contract-based copywriter who loves startups and investing. 

This copywriter can get to the heart of a company's message and convince others to invest their hard-earned dollars into that company in exchange for equity. 

Your main job is to write 200-300 word scripts to be used in creating launch videos for companies raising money through equity crowdfunding websites, with the support of our team of producers and copyeditors. Your scripts will be about every company type under the sun (and beyond) - from the latest sustainability technologies, to flying cars, to vegan burgers, to cosmetics. 

If all goes well, you may also have the opportunity to script commercials for broadcast TV.

To succeed in this role, you’ll need to be able to quickly digest large amounts of technical information, then share it back out in an emotionally compelling, logical, short, and simple way. 


  • Creates, proofread, and self-edit campaign scripts and social ads that persuade people to invest in startups
  • Work with producers to determine creative execution
  • Ensure that copy hits the appropriate tone and style for each new client
  • Turnaround first drafts of scripts within 48 hours of first receiving directions
  • Meet all deadlines 

Qualifications / Skills

  • 3+ years experience with direct response copywriting
  • Knowledge of broader business landscape (i.e., you have a go-to source of business news and actively seek out the latest happenings in the business world)
  • Ability and desire to work on subjects that are highly complex and technical
  • Ability to adapt writing to the brand’s voice and adhere closely to evolving brand guidelines
  • Ability to ideate on marketing direction while addressing all objectives
  • Strong and flexible writing, editing, and proofreading skills
  • Ability to interact productively during brainstorming and kick-off meetings, work independently, and communicate information among team members

Company benefits/perks

  • Since this is a contractor role, it has complete flexibility. We give you work when you want it, and give it to others on our team when you don’t. 

EMAIL: jobs at rallyonmedia dot com with

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Writing Samples